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Affiliate Marketing Zine

Understanding Affiliate Marketing - What Exactly Is It?


If you are looking for ways to make money online, there are some certain things that you can do. Aside from becoming an online seller, you can become an online affiliate marketing agent. An affiliate marketer does not really require you to have specific skills. Yes, many companies - especially those in an online based store actually need people like them for their business to thrive. This is to help the company earn more profit.


First of all, you should understand what online marketing is before you can understand Affiliate marketing. This is not something you learn only in business school. Online marketing is basically your marketing strategies done online. These can include so many things such as in adding more back links to your site, increasing the traffic, application of SEO, or having affiliate marketers. Online marketing is not rocket science. You just need to make sure that you get your products and services knows the citizens in the internet.


Affiliate marketing is just like an agent receiving a commission. For instance, a car sales agent was able to sell a car to a particular buyer. In reward, the car company will be paying the car sales agent a sum of money to thank him for his or her services in making sure that there was a sale that occurred. This is quite similar to affiliate marketing. You, as an affiliate of a certain company or seller, will be getting a reward (either by cash or something else depending on the agreement) if you have brought in a customer who has made a purchase, or paid for a service, or have done an action that needed to be done.  Read the latest tech news here at


You need to understand the CPS and the CPA. This is how you are going to earn money. CPS stands for "cost of sale". This means, for every sale a customer that you have brought has made, you will be given a reward or a payment for it. The CPA on the other hand stands for "cost per action". This means for every individual who has done a particular action in a certain websites (such as registering, signing in forms, answered some surveys, etc), you will be getting a reward or getting paid for that.


As long as you take affiliate marketing at seriously, you will be able to earn money. This is a process that you need to understand as well. In order to make serious money out of it, don't just learn the jist, study more and watch yourself gain profit.